Why Your Business Needs Identity and Access Management

Donovan Blaylock II
November 22, 2018

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Identity theft is rampant. In 2017, over 16.7 million consumers in the United States had their identity compromised. This is very disturbing, to say the least.

If you want to protect your clients and your employees from having their data stolen, you have to employ some strong security measures. Fortunately, identity and access management can help you solve this issue.

If you run a business, here are some of the top reasons why you should use identity and access management.

1. Get Easy Access All the Time

Your customers are probably using their social media profiles to access services on the web. This means you need to make it easy for them to access your online platform using their social media profiles.

It has become increasingly popular to have users sign in to websites by using their Facebook or Twitter profiles. This allows users to access your services using their own identity.

This approach removes barriers to entry and lets all stakeholders in your business have access to the systems and services you offer very quickly and securely.

It provides a more seamless user experience because most people do not want to have to remember several different passwords.

2. Secure Your Brand with Identity and Access Management

If you are using several types of identity access software or providers you run the risk of someone breaching your security. With identity and access management, all your security information is managed in one place.

You will also get multi-factor authentication, this ensures that all the identities on your system are verified in more than one step. An added bonus is that you can control the parts of your system that users have access to through the use of grant permissions.

You can monitor your security system through various analytics and run fraud detection as well. You will also get real-time alerts about security breaches and lapses, so you can know immediately when your business is at risk.

3. Get New Hires Onboard Quicker

Once you hire a new employee there is usually a specific process that they will need to go through to be fully integrated into your company. There are certain areas of your operating system that you may want to give them access to and other parts you may want to keep from them.

Automating your provisioning will help to make the onboarding process go faster by giving them access to the appropriate part of your system in a more timely manner.

Final Thoughts

While technology has helped businesses to become more productive it has also put them at risk. Fortunately, identity and access management software can protect your customers, your employees and the overall operation of your business.

Using identity and access management software puts you in control. Aside from the fact that you get complete security the most important thing you get is peace of mind from knowing that data for your business, customers, and employees are secure.

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