Your Passwords Have Already Been Stolen And Authentication Evolves Anew

Donovan Blaylock II
July 01, 2019

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For those of you who still belie you are safe with your current login/password strategy, we suggest you start by catching up with a recent blog titled “Why Are You Still Using Passwords When They’ve Already Been hacked?” The we suggest you check out what the industry experts are saying on the subject of the evolution if Identity Authentication in either written or video form.

For Those Who Prefer Video

Watch the Acceptto joint webinar with Intellyx on Behavioral Authentication. What Can It Do For You?

In this webcast you will hear from industry veterans Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO of Acceptto and Jason English, Principal Analyst from Intellyx as they provide an informative session on How Behavioral Authentication can augment your enterprise identity authentication.

For Those Who Prefer To read

If you prefer to read instead of watching a video, then a new whitepaper written by Jason English, Principal Analyst at Intellyx will provide you with a working knowledge of the Authentication portion of the Identity and Access Management strategy every company requires to ensure only the right people have access to their resources under the appropriate circumstances by walking the timeline of application authentication. Starting with physical credentials and progressing to the latest in cognitive continuous authentication, this paper will uncover and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. Get the whitepaper titled “App Authentication Evolves in a World of Compromised Credentials” today.

Cognitive Continuous Authentication

Acceptto’s eGuardian engine continuously creates, and monitors user behavior profiles based on the user interaction with the It’sMe authenticator. Every time an activity occurs, actionable intelligence is gathered and used to optimize the user profile. eGuardian is capable of autonomously and continually learning new policies and adapting existing ones. While policies can still be manually defined and contribute to the computation, our Biobehavioral AIML approach automatically finds the optimal policy for each transaction. eGuardian leverages a mixture of AI & ML, expert systems and SMEs to classify, detect, and model behavior, and assign real-time risk scores to continuously validate your identity prior to, during and post-authentication.

Download the Intellyx’s whitepaper titled  App Authentication Evolves in a World of Compromised Credentials or watch the webcast today and then check out what Acceptto can do to ensure your employees, partners and customers can authenticate without passwords and still ensure security and privacy registering for a free demo today.



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