Authentication Trends for 2017

Guest speaker Andras Cser, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Stephen Cox, Chief Security Architect at SecureAuth, as they discuss the emerging Identity and Access Management Trends for 2017. Learn how these trends will impact your organization and how you can develop an effective Adaptive Authentication Strategy to stay ahead of the trends and cyber attackers.  
Learn more on these emerging 2017 trends:

Our 2017 Security Predictions

Cybersecurity Predictions on Identity and Access Management
Damon Tepe


It's that time of year when IT companies all over the world take out their crystal balls and predict oncoming trends for the coming year. What's going to lead adoption? What new security controls will rise to the fore and which ones will fall out of favor? Will this be the year teams solve their most stubborn challenges?

The State of Cybersecurity Survey

Cybersecurity and Adaptive Authentication
Damon Tepe

The State of Cybersecurity Survey

Ever notice something about surveys? While there are plenty out there about the threats rising on the IT landscape, there isn't always useful information about the controls and techniques leaders are using to stop them. And that's what we really want to know, right? Finding out where other organizations are struggling and where they're succeeding, and how they're approaching attacks, can provide a roadmap to strengthening your own security program.

Improving VPN Security with Adaptive Authentication for RADIUS

Adaptive Authentication for VPN
Jim Goodrich


At SecureAuth, we know that constant innovation is needed in security to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. Recently, we added some crucial features to our RADIUS server support: IP based threat detection, Geo-Location, and Geo-Velocity – all parts of SecureAuth adaptive authentication. The reason is simple, to stop attackers from using stolen credentials to access critical resources like a corporate VPN.

To understand why these features are crucial to a security strategy, let’s look a little deeper into the anatomy of an attack.

Best Practices Guide to Strong Identity Access Control

There’s a reason companies have hired us to strengthen security in the aftermath of some of the biggest breaches in history. We know how to implement strong defenses that stop and contain attacks while protecting IT budgets and delivering a first-class user experience. Here are our recommendations for security best practices, as well as tips on how we build the most advanced security programs on the market.

Leading Cybersecurity Companies Create Connected Security Alliance to Solve the Data Breach Problem

With over 3,141 confirmed data breaches in 2015, the coalition looks to protect, detect and remediate data breaches by addressing the white space between security solutions

Keith Graham Joins SecureAuth as Chief Technology Officer

IRVINE, Calif., July 18, 2014 (MarketWatch)– SecureAuth Corporation today announced the appointment of Keith Graham to Chief Technology Officer. Graham was formerly a principal product manager at FireEye, Inc. where he led the development of endpoint forensic analysis.

SecureAuth Launches IdP 8.0

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest release, SecureAuth IdP 8.0, the first and only complete access control solution.