A New Chapter Unfolds: SecureAuth Announces Acquisition of Cloudentity

4.5 Million

4.5 million supported with child care solutions

1st Mobile App

First-ever mobile app for emergency care

< 3 Months

Tangible return on investment in less than 3 months

A Secure and seamless user experience with SecureAuth

Bright Horizons selected SecureAuth’s access management solution to deliver a more efficient, secure, and seamless login experience to all of its users.


Competing Access Management Solutions

Bright Horizons began looking for single sign-on (SSO) solutions because their clients and employees were required to remember separate user IDs and passwords for multiple systems.

As part of the selection process, Bright Horizons formed a team of stakeholders to evaluate numerous access management vendors. They also enlisted guidance from an industry analyst firm. “Once we actually got deeper into an analysis, SecureAuth beat-out everybody, and we had a tangible return on investment in less than three months,” said Javed Ikbal, CISO at Bright Horizons.

Single Sign-On Deliver Consistent Access Simply and Securely
Intelligent Identity Cloud Go Beyond Basic Risk Checks

Bright Horizon’s continued success

Bright Horizons also chose SecureAuth’s Operational Services and continues to invest in this service. Having a dedicated resource embedded within their team enables them to get the most out of their investment and stay focused on their business.

“I would refer SecureAuth without any hesitation. SecureAuth has provided us exemplary customer service. They have gone above and beyond what we signed up for. We have an invaluable partner in this operational support person, and I think this has been a major contributing factor to our success,” says Ikbal.

Bright Horizons is a worldwide child care and education provider and is the largest provider of employer sponsored child care. Bright Horizons operates in over 1,200 child care centers worldwide.

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