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FLEX for SecureAuth IdP Customers

  • Do you have Passwordless Authentication, Device Trust, and/or Cloud migration initiatives?
  • Are you delaying the upgrade process, but yearn for the latest release benefits?

Then FLEX is for you.

Realize immediate and future benefits with a step-by-step approach that’s tailored to your needs. Let us help you 1) upgrade to the latest release, 2) migrate to the Cloud to remove your on-prem maintenance burden, and 3) integrate next-gen passwordless capabilities.

Meet your goals throughout the authentication journey – that’s the power of FLEX.

Highlights of FLEX by SecureAuth

1. IdP Upgrade for Latest Capabilities

Maximize ROI by using:

  • SCIM, RBAC, and password suppression support 
  • Biometric MFA support for FIDO2 devices 
  • Dynamic IP blocking & OIDC improvements 
  • Self-service set up for YubiKey OATH HOTP devices  
  • New Experience UI for reusable templates & workflow configurations
2. Cloud Solution

Migrate to the Cloud to:

  • Leverage TCO benefits 
  • Expedite ZTA & cyber compliance by using latest capabilities   
  • Easily onboard users & expand capacity  
  • Get special promotional Cloud offer by Sep 30 
3. Next-Gen Passwordless & Device Trust

Thwart hackers with game-changing approach to AuthN security:

  • Adopt real-time risk score and dynamic levels of assurance from a behavioral-based, continuous AuthN platform
  • Combine data from browser fingerprints, mobile & laptop devices to truly determine identity
  • Streamline user AuthN journeys starting at secure desktops with passwordless login and device trust​

Have further questions?

Discuss your eligibility with the CX team today: 

Get FLEX by SecureAuth

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