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MFA is so 80s

Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2023

Booth #434

MFA is so 80s

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March 20-22 | Grapevine, TX | Booth #434

Get Invisible MFA:
A new approach to an old problem.

Reminiscing about the ‘80’s is fun. But using traditional MFA methods that harken back to yesteryear – not so fun. Combat traditional MFA challenges with a new approach.

Use invisible MFA.

It provides superior security without the friction of its legacy predecessors. When coupled with a risk-based, passwordless continuous authentication approach, you’ll be able to realize these benefits in record time:

  • Massive cost savings of over $28M / year   
  • Delighting users while meeting ZTA and cyber insurance requirements  
  • Securing all identities across all systems via Device Trust  
  • Realizing record numbers in MFA adoption

Visit our booth (#434) to learn more.

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MFA is so 80’s – Use Continuous Authentication to Get Invisible MFA

Paul Trulove, CEO of SecureAuth



March 21st



2:45 PM CST

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