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SecureAuth Announces Arculix Universal Authentication Fabric™ to Strengthen Passwordless Continuous Authentication

IRVINE, Calif. – Nov. 16, 2022 SecureAuth, a leader in access management and authentication, today announced its Arculix Universal Authentication FabricTM to further strengthen the technology to enable organizations for passwordless continuous authentication. Arculix Universal Authentication FabricTM is a technology framework that delivers authentication driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) behavioral modeling, provides continuous risk scoring and makes passwords obsolete by eliminating login credentials. For users, it’s a one-and-done event for accessing their relevant apps, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) or single sign-ons (SSOs). For companies, it’s stronger security with continuous authentication in the background without adding any friction to the user.

“Historically, a single place to define and administer authentication policy and processes for all users has been absent.,” said Paul Trulove, CEO of SecureAuth. “Fraud, credential stuffing, and other types of attacks will continue to evolve as bad actors attempt to thwart existing security approaches. SecureAuth’s Universal Authentication Fabric delivers the first risk-based analytics approach as a consolidated backbone for continuous, multi-factor and passwordless authentication with the highest level of security as well as a frictionless experience for users.”

Between authenticating to workstations, SSO portals or federated web apps, VDIs, VPNs, and PAM solutions, the typical user authenticates upwards of 16 times a day using three different sets of usernames and passwords. This is simultaneously insecure and a poor user experience. With Arculix Universal Authentication FabricTM, users can login once and securely access the applications needed to do their job. Arculix Universal Authentication FabricTM provides a single unified authentication system for every part of the business to go passwordless. To ensure there is no account takeover (ATO), a score is generated from the moment the user logs into their machine that is used to grant access to web apps, servers and services without requiring another factor check. This removes the need for siloed systems to authenticate users, which has caused users to blindly approve incoming requests from bad actors.

“SecureAuth’s Arculix Universal Authentication Fabric is the underlying element for the new 360-degree cybersecurity perimeter that every enterprise needs: Continuous, Holistic and Adaptive,” said Alfredo Estirado, CEO of Grupo TRC. “As a key partner of SecureAuth, we are excited to offer this to our customers across various geographies.”

Key capabilities include expansion of passwordless features into endpoints, including access to persistent and non-persistent VDIs, in the same passwordless way a user authenticates to a standard machine. This enables a passwordless authentication journey whether in or out of the office. The Universal Authentication Fabric also supports SecureAuth’s device trust support for seamless passwordless authentication for transient virtual desktops and physical desktops.

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