A New Chapter Unfolds: SecureAuth Announces Acquisition of Cloudentity

Solution Brief

SecureAuth + Hashi Corp

Elevating Security Through Advanced Authentication

SecureAuth + HashiCorp

The Challenge

Organizations operating in cloud DevOps environments face multiple challenges in securing access to critical assets. Traditional authentication methods are vulnerable to breaches and credential compromise, while complex access management and compliance requirements further complicate the authentication process. Balancing security and user experience is crucial to maintaining productivity, and the need for accelerated deployment velocity demands streamlined authentication processes.

The Solution

SecureAuth and HashiCorp have joined forces to deliver a next-generation authentication solution that effectively addresses the security challenges faced by cloud DevOps environments. This partnership involves integrating SecureAuth’s advanced passwordless authentication and phishing resistant MFA with device trust capabilities into HashiCorp’s Cloud Platform (HCP) Vault. By doing so, organizations can enhance security and streamline the authentication process.

With these combined capabilities, organizations can strengthen their security posture, reinforce access controls, and deliver a frictionless authentication experience for cloud DevOps environments.

Solution Highlights

  • Game-changing Approach to Authentication Security:  SecureAuth’s patented risk-based AuthN approach leverages risk analytics from Device Trust, Device ID, and invisible MFA for real-time continuous authentication.  
  • Deployment Velocity: The joint solution enables organizations to maintain high deployment velocity while ensuring robust authentication security measures for their cloud DevOps environments. 
  • Flexible and Scalable: SecureAuth’s solution can be deployed in cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments, offering organizations flexibility and scalability. 
  • Enhanced Compliance: Users can authenticate into HCP Vault using SecureAuth’s patented risk-based continuous authentication platform to exceed compliance for ZTA and cyber insurance.

Security Benefits of SecureAuth + HashiCorp

Secure Users Post Authorization

Authentication is not a binary event, it is a continuum

Secure Both Windows & Macs with Device Trust

Establish the root of trust at the device level, not merely at SSO

Exceed ZTA & Cyber Insurance Requirements

Improve security and user experience with invisible, next-gen MFA

  1. A privileged user requests access to HashiCorp Vault System.
  2. HashiCorp Vault prompts user for authentication through SecureAuth.
  3. SecureAuth authenticates user and responds to HashiCorp Vault.
  4. The user is able to access to Vault with HashiCorp controlled credentials.

SecureAuth + Hashi Corp

In cloud DevOps environments, the synergy of security and user experience is crucial for maximizing productivity. By utilizing SecureAuth’s invisible MFA and single sign-on (SSO), users can authenticate into HCP Vault, ensuring a frictionless experience and enhanced security in cloud DevOps operations.


Vault & SecureAuth Authentication
Authenticate into Vault using single sign on with SecureAuth Arculix as an identity provider.

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