SecureAuth Named a Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report for Customer Identity and Access Management

Solution Brief

SecureAuth + Microsoft

Strengthened Security for Microsoft SSO

SecureAuth + Microsoft

The Challenge

SSO providers like Microsoft do one thing well: they enable access to information with less friction. However, as multiple reports from Tech leaders, US Senators, and the press show*, Microsoft has significant challenges with security. Contributing factors include the fact that only 28% of Microsoft users have MFA (multifactor authentication) and the solution can’t secure Mac or Linux users, legacy applications, or 3rd party users. Instead of choosing a different SSO, we encourage customers to deploy another layer of authentication security to their environment. No rip and replace needed.

The Solution

Gain a more comprehensive security approach with passwordless continuous authentication via SecureAuth’s behavioral modeling solution. By adding SecureAuth to your Microsoft SSO security stack, you are now able to secure every user, every application and every device in your organization. Users are secured pre-authentication, during authentication and even post-authorization to effectively thwart the latest attacks. Say farewell to the days of authentication fatigue and welcome a future where 100% MFA adoption is not just a goal but a reality, ensuring a safer and more efficient digital landscape for all within the business realm.

Solution Highlights

  • Attain true passwordless login throughout your environment, including non-Microsoft apps and users
  • Leverage FIDO2 passwordless AuthN with no password default if biometrics fail
  • Eliminate ATO and other credential-related breaches
  • Access any file, any application, any VDI from any device without authentication requests after the first passwordless login
  • Optimize user experience with invisible MFA (I.e., fewer MFA prompts)
  • Decrease MFA fatigue and exploits by reducing MFA prompts by 75%
  • Get security granularity – Create more context-driven, adaptable login journeys for your diverse B2B / B2C / B2E requirements

Security Benefits of SecureAuth + Microsoft

Secure Vulnerability Points

Replace phishable MFA (TOTP) with Passkeys or other FIDO2-approved methods, extend the root of trust beyond SSO for securing all devices, and ensure the security of legacy apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux users

Simplify Security

Leverage SecureAuth as the master authenticator to provide a single place for audits, ZTA & cyber insurance compliance, and policy creation

Improved Security Posture

Attain real-time risk checks with 3rd party threat services and increase MFA adoption from 28% to 100%

How it Works

Arculix + Microsoft Authentication

SecureAuth + Microsoft

3rd party and legacy apps that are outside the Microsoft world.

Experience a more seamless and secure access to your data with the integration of SecureAuth and Microsoft, where the complexities of multiple passwords and cumbersome authentication processes vanish. Elevate your digital security with a unified solution that not only safeguards against evolving cyber threats but also ensures a frictionless, passwordless login experience, empowering users and organizations alike.


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