Introducing FIDO2 WebAuthn and Password Spray Attack Defense

Summer 2020 - SecureAuth Release


We're excited to introduce support for FIDO2 WebAuthn to provide new, secure biometrics-based MFA and password login. SSO or MFA with Touch ID or Windows Hello affords an experience users are deeply familiar with from their smartphones and—at the same time—provides a very strong authentication method.

We're also introducing the Dynamic IP Blocking technology to protect your IAM system from hard-to-detect password spray attacks against username+password login flows.

Watch the Webinar to Learn:

  • How to set up WebAuthn in SecureAuth for MFA or passwordless login

  • How your users enroll their WebAuthn in a few simple step

  • How password spray attacks avoid detection

  • How to build an effective defense using Dynamic IP Blocking

Watch this Webinar