White Paper

Navigating A Successful Identity and Access Management (IAM) Cloud Migration

Plan your own internal assessment and identify the next steps in your IAM journey

IAM Cloud Migration

The decision to move to a SaaS based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution requires considering the technology, the process changes, the new governance model, and the personnel needed to implement and maintain the move.

Learn how security and risk leaders gather a thorough understanding of their organization’s identity and access management practice and help you level-set items such as scale, level of effort, objectives, and aspiration for your migration project.

Download the white paper to learn how to:

  • Gain a practical approach for assessing and planning a migration strategy for your identity and access management program

  • Ensure user identities do not become a primary security weakness for your organizations

  • Recognize the importance of a modern access management solution to support legacy applications

  • Gain insight and know more about the identities accessing your systems to stop attackers from gaining entry with stolen credentials

  • Leverage the value of customizing the user-experience and authentication workflows based on context

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