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Balancing User Experience and Risk: The Path to Frictionless

The Path to Frictionless

To say the authentication journey has evolved is putting it mildly. Digital acceleration is on the rise, and today’s consumers and employees alike have specific expectations for their digital experiences – including access to on-premise and cloud resources from anywhere, at any time. The heat is on for organizations to maintain business growth while innovating for future security needs, as workforces become more disparate and autonomous. With these shifts, the threat environment has grown and evolved – and identity has become the primary attack surface.

In light of these changes in the market, businesses are challenged with creating a frictionless experience for access and authentication of networks and apps – one that ensures the highest level of security, with the least amount of inconvenience to the user.

In this 20-min webcast, we’ll discuss current and future trends impacting the frictionless experience, and how passwordless can help enterprises face this ever-evolving threat landscape head-on, without sacrificing user experience.


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