MFA Fatigue - Fighting a 2-Front War

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[Webcast] MFA Fatigue – Fighting a 2-Front War

With cybercrime on the rise, more organizations are implementing best practices such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect their users from credential theft, phishing attempts and brute-force password guessing. To get around this layer of protection, hackers have developed a new tactic: MFA fatigue or MFA bombing.  It relies on spamming victims with endless authentication prompts until they grant the attacker access by accident or out of sheer frustration.   

Watch this webcast to learn from a cyber security veteran on how you can fight MFA fatigue with a 2-pronged strategy:  significantly improve user experience while enhancing security via a new approach to passwordless continuous authentication.   

You’ll learn best practices on how to choose the most hacker-resistant MFA methods in your organization and realize benefits like: 

  1. Frictionless user experience by reducing MFA prompts by 75% (without sacrificing security) 
  2. Comprehensive device trust with transparent and dynamic level of assurance risk scores 
  3. Overall improved security posture by empowering users to unlock, lock, or logout using their mobile devices

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