SecureAuth Named a Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report for Customer Identity and Access Management


Unisys is built on over 145 years of game-changing innovation with a mission to bring technological innovation to businesses and governments around the world. Their secure solutions ensure their clients’ digital ecosystems are future-ready to drive the outcomes that enable them and their customers to succeed.


The Challenge

Early on, Unisys, recognized that the growing complexity of the modern attack surface required all organizations to put larger focus on ensuring their associate credentials were never a reason for a compromise. This especially became evident as the world shifted to nearly 100% remote work, and attacks on credentials increased dramatically – particularly those without an MFA solution in place.

“When the world changed and all of our associates had to work from remote locations, the assurance of our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution, combined with our new and
improved user experience, became priority number one.”

— Chris Hawley, Director, Corporate Security and Infrastructure Office

Chris and the team at Unisys quickly began mapping out a plan for how to ensure MFA usage was in all places within the corporation, as well as how to build a secure, flexible program that took into consideration individual associate’s needs and regional regulations.

The Solution

Unisys and SecureAuth embarked on a journey to ensure Unisys achieved their goal of “MFA Everywhere” – the official name of their program. This journey included reducing risk (implementing MFA), expanding use to all teams around the world, improving on the user experience, standardizing the platform, and enhancing the infrastructure.

“SecureAuth has been a valued partner for us. We worked in tandem to design and implement our current solution, which tested well with our associates and senior leadership, especially the new look and feel.”
— Chris Hawley

They also ensured that their strategy included the proper end user communication and enablement plans to support an invisible/seamless transition to this new experience.

Unisys MFA
Unisys IdP

The Results

For the nearly 20,000 associates around the world, adoption of the solution was mandatory, not optional. However, the acceptance of their new program skyrocketed quickly, due to the improved experience for their associates and the increased security that came with it. “MFA Everywhere” has now lived up to its name.

“Comfort level and satisfaction level have increased due to the highly frictionless and seamless experience they now receive.”
— Chris Hawley

Unisys is already looking towards the future of how they can continue to build and expand their solution to support their ZeroTrust model, as well as continue to remain ahead of the curve in the industry.

“User comfort and satisfaction levels have increased due to the highly frictionless and seamless experience they now receive when authenticating to applications.”

— Chris Hawley


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