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Video: Modern Adaptive Authentication

How does modern adaptive authentication control work? Watch our intro video and learn more how to prevent the misuse of credentials with SecureAuth adaptive multi-factor authentication.


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Fifty-three percent of US companies reported being breached in the last year, are you prepared? Last year organizations spent $89 billion on security, and breaches still rose by 44 percent. Stolen credentials give criminals the keys to your data kingdom. Once attackers have your credentials they penetrate, establish their foothold, escalate their privileges, move laterally in your network, and steal your data.

Endpoint and network security can't stop these attacks, only identity security can. Up to $89 billion spent on security last year, less than 10 percent went to identity security. IT leaders are using two factor authentication, and single sign-on to solve the identity security crisis, but attackers keep finding new ways to defeat security tools.

Passwords and 2FA are no longer enough, extra steps can be inconvenient for users. Criminals can socially engineer answers to security questions, or hack mobile accounts. Hardware tokens can be compromised, and users will automatically accept push to accept notifications. Only one solution offers comprehensive identity security.

SecureAuth Adaptive Access Management, a comprehensive protection and detection platform. SecureAuth Adaptive Access Management can protect any user using any path, detect the misuse of valid credentials, accelerate remediation, identify attackers who are already in your network, identify treats with intelligent based authentication, and uses machine learning to identify uncharacteristic behaviors, like accessing systems at unusual times and/or downloading unusually large amounts of data, which can be a sign of breach.

SecureAuth Adaptive Access Management solves your identity security challenges, the only adaptive authentication solution that lets you prevent credential based attacks with multi-factor authentication, detect anomalies, and orchestrate security actions.

SecureAuth Adaptive Access Management, the strongest way to protect your organization and stop credential based attacks. Try SecureAuth Adaptive Access Management in action, just visit, and strengthen your security today.

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