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Announcing SecureAuth Password Management

SecureAuth Password Management
Ricardo Font
November 13, 2018

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Announcing SecureAuth Password Management
Enhanced self-service password reset capabilities

We are thrilled to announce SecureAuth Password Management, the integration that utilizes technology from SecureAuth and password management products.

For SecureAuth customers, you can add SecureAuth Password functionality to provide added self-service password reset capabilities beyond Active Directory enabled applications. With this solution, you’ll be able to further decrease your help desk tickets by expanding your self-service password reset capabilities while also adding additional authentication security to your legacy solutions.

For SecureAuth Password customers, you can add SecureAuth IAM functionality which will provide an intuitive user experience delivering enhanced adaptive authentication options without adding user friction. You’ll also increase authentication security for legacy apps that are a challenge to update.

For organizations who have neither SecureAuth IAM or SecureAuth Password, implementing the combined solution will help:

  • Increased security to all applications, even legacy apps that are challenging to update
  • Reduced time spent on help desk calls – for help desk staff who could be working on other projects and users who lose productivity when locked out
  • Reduced overhead by eliminating password reset help desk calls
  • Increased user adoption, and therefore overall security, with an easy-to-use interface and frictionless reset process.

To learn more please visit our SecureAuth Identity and Access Management page.

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