SecureAuth Announces New Behavioral Modeling Patents to Fortify Passwordless

Identity and Access Management Solution

Deploy a modern identity and access management to improve security, increase efficiency, and enable passwordless authentication capabilities to truly protect your business

Friction and Security

Passwordless Technology Platform

Acceptto monitors user behavior, transactions, and application activity to create an enriched user profile within each application landscape and subsequently verify if access attempts are legitimate or a threat. No passwords or tokens required.

Benefits of SecureAuth’s IAM Platform

Enables Zero Trust Initiatives

Reduce account takeover (ATO) and other IAM breaches using smart MFA.

Leverage Actionable Threat Intel

Stay ahead of identity hackers with real-time threat intelligence.

Increase User Productivity

Increase user productivity, adoption, and engagement with zero password reset issues.

Reduce Cost of Operations

Reduce help desk calls for password resets and simplify policy creation for your complex environment.

Integrate and Scale Efficiently

Provide scalability and visibility for all applications, FIDO servers, Mobile SDKs, and REST APIs.

Secure Everyone and Everything
Connecting to Your Business

Security Without Disruption

SecureAuth provides the most advanced authentication methods for all your applications as well as machine login

Flexibility Without Risk

Key to a successful MFA program is having the broadest portfolio of options enabling flexibility to support all of your users

Speed Without Complexity

Deploy Cloud IAM rapidly across your entire IT ecosystem with SecureAuth

Using SecureAuth’s access management solution, we were able to provide a unified multi-factor authentication across all our applications and use cases while delivering a secure and seamless user experience for our 25,000 global users



Better Protection Starts with Better Intelligence

Adaptive Authentication

Design multi-step login based on your threshold for risk for each user group, app or system

Identity and Access Management Adaptative Authentication
Identity and Access Management Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

Step up and challenge login attempts whenever risk is detected without disrupting users

Passwordless Authentication

Strengthen your security posture by removing the risk of compromised credentials
Passwordless Authentication Identity and Access Management
Navigating a Successful IAM Cloud Migration

Navigating a Successful IAM Cloud Migration

Get a practical approach for assessing and planning a migration strategy for your identity and access management program

Identity and Access Management Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on

Simplify user access to thousands of cloud apps and on-prem systems with a web and mobile SSO Portal

User Lifecycle Management

Enable resets, account unlocks, device enrollment, and profile updates improving productivity and lowering support costs
Identity and Access Management User Self-service

SecureAuth is used to protecting sensitive data both internally and externally to our network. SecureAuth is also leveraged to protect systems and applications used around the world by both our corporate and retail employees.



Cloud Identity and Access Management
Without Constraints

Authentication Intelligence

Move beyond username and password to analyzing device, location, IP, and behavior to better determine who wants access

Extend Login Security

Add a plug-and-play adaptive MFA layer to your existing IT environment without user disruption

Risk-based authentication

Implement unique policies based on a user risk score for each login without adding friction

Directory Integration

Integrate existing user directories such as AD, LDAP or SQL and streamline login with Desktop SSO

User Self-service

Put users in control with options for password reset and MFA enrollment reducing your help desk costs

Simple Administration

Build, test and reuse adaptive security policies based on real-time authentication telemetry and analytics

SecureAuth offers a compelling product with their broad support of authenticators, granular risk engine, and threat intelligence utilization. SecureAuth should be on the shortlist for any Adaptive Authentication RFP



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