A Comprehensive CIAM Solution with the SecureAuth Identity Store

Paul Wiederkehr
Product Marketing Manager
June 08, 2021

Why we launched the SecureAuth Identity Store, our new cloud directory service to provide a Comprehensive CIAM Solution

Over the past year our team heard a consistent theme from business and technical leaders from our Fortune 500 customers: We sign up thousands of users every day for our services and we’re struggling with keeping these user identities secured. We would ideally want to have a SecureAuth Identity Store, a cloud directory where privacy controls are not an afterthought and customer-friendly authentication, and account self-service are fully baked in.

In our conversations with IAM professionals and customers, several comments became a recurring theme.

  • Active Directory is fine for employees but it is not a viable option for customer identities.
  • Our non-core workforce does not have company issued devices, much of Active Directory is an expensive overkill.
  • Scaling with our homegrown user directory is difficult.
  • We struggle to meet user privacy and data security compliance requirements around the world.

The SecureAuth Identity Store is purpose-built to provide enterprise organizations a cloud-based service that delivers a simple, secure, and cost effective CIAM solution.

The SecureAuth Identity Store is the first privacy-focused user directory built to meet the stringent security requirements and UX (user experience) expectations for an enterprise scale CIAM deployment. The Identity Store is a cloud-based subscription service ideal for organizations to effectively manage customers in a secure, flexible, extensible, and light-weight user directory.

SecureAuth Identity Store – cloud directory with built-in privacy controls

With the SecureAuth Identity Store, organizations can efficiently manage the lifecycle of a user and their account without the overhead and burdens inherent in a homegrown solution or a traditional user directory like Microsoft Active Directory. The Identity Store is a perfect fit for healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, and other organizations with a large constituency of customer centric users. The service seamlessly supports digital business requirements, delivers a unified user experience, supports a 360-degree view of the customer, and streamlines operations reducing costs and improving ROI.

Strong CIAM offering depends on the right SaaS user directory

The SecureAuth Identity Store manages identity, authentication, and authorization for customer identities. As organization recognize the need to deploy a comprehensive CIAM solution for public-facing applications that require users to register identities and create accounts, the SecureAuth Identity Store delivers the security, experience, and lifecycle management required to support complex digital initiatives to support both user and revenue growth.

The user experience (UX) starts with and is strongly influenced by the processes and policies embedded in a CIAM solution. For example, when a new customer engages with an organization for the first time, registration is typically the first CIAM workflow that is triggered. If this experience is challenging or downright awful, the potential new user may decide to simply abandon the registration and move on to another option. This poor experience results in a lost opportunity for advocacy as well as potential revenue. This scenario is real and to avoid it we have enabled developers via SDKs and Authentication APIs to inject their expertise to customize and tailor the solution and thus the user experience to meet the needs of their respective organizations to create the ideal UX.

User experience will drive CIAM implementations – it’s your competitive differentiator

The SecureAuth Identity Store is engineered to enable the highest quality experience to help organizations as they navigate the transition from a services-oriented economy to an experience-driven economy. Gartner noted in their IAM Survey 2019: Advancing Business Outcomes that over 86% of companies will rely on the user experience as their main competitive differentiator by 2021.

Simply stated – organizations will compete primarily to offer a customer experience (CX) that is superior to that of their competitors. And in order to deliver a best-in-class customer experience, SecureAuth designed and developed a purpose-built CIAM solution to effectively reduce costs, enable developers, deliver extensible integration, and empower users with self-service tools to keep them in complete control of their data and identity journey.

Key SecureAuth Identity Store features include:

  • User Registration Self-service
  • SCIM Provisioning
  • Right-to-be-Forgotten
  • Password and Consent Management
  • User Profile Management
  • Social Identity Registration and Login
  • GDPR & CCPA Compliance
  • Single Sign-on
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Identity Repository
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • APIs and SDKs for mobile applications
  • Multi-factor and Adaptive Authentication
  • Event Notifications

CIAM Directory Success Begins with a Customer-First Vision

A customer identity and access management solution must continuously evolve to meet the ongoing needs of the business. Digital initiatives, business strategy, and customer expectations will require a flexible and robust CIAM solution to keep pace. Thinking ahead… 6 months, 18 months, 3 years… what features and capabilities will your organization need to provide to ensure continued customer advocacy, user growth, and competitive advantage?

The SecureAuth Identity Store is the ideal light-weight user directory for your CIAM use cases. With a highly intuitive administrative console, it is easy for administrators to manage, implement changes, and capture events & analytics critical to meeting business objectives and regulatory compliance requirements. The hyper-focus on experience, developers, and privacy generated the resources, tools, and user interface organizations need to continually enhance the user experience and support new workflows and policies as requirements evolve.

The new SecureAuth Identity Store provides a comprehensive CIAM solution for enterprise organizations to confidently place identity and access management controls on your external facing portals, applications, and mobile apps to drive engagement, loyalty, and growth.

Explore SecureAuth Identity Store

SecureAuth Identity Store – Start Guide
Blog: Introducing SecureAuth Identity Store – First privacy-focused cloud directory for non-core workforce users
Developer documentation (SecureAuth API docs, Postman Collections, etc.) 

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