SecureAuth Latest Release Delivers Enhanced Passwordless Authentication with Improved User Experience

22.02 Software Update
Chief Product Officer
April 25, 2022

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Organizations Now Have the Ability to Use Common FIDO2 Experience Across Browsers, Conditional Passwordless, Hybrid and Cloud Deployment for Azure AD Support

As we emerge from the pandemic, trends of digital transformation with a dispersed workforce and a complete restructuring of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) architecture accelerates the need for security and user experience. Organizations no longer have a defined perimeter or centralized control. Threat actors and nation-states are working hard to enable unauthorized access and are relentlessly aggressive in their attacks on our identities. The challenges of securing data privacy and remote productivity places everyone’s digital identity at the frontlines in this continual evolution of flexible work and customer experience.

We are thrilled to announce the new release of SecureAuth® Identity Platform, now available to better fortify organizations against these challenges. A few of these capabilities include:

Support for simplified complex use cases and third-party integrations

More Flexible Policy provides the ability to have the outcome of the realm policy logic be a URL redirection. IT administrators can redirect users to their policy or compliance notice page, as needed. As an example, first-time logins are redirected to a policy statement page.

Passwordless authentication enhancements

FIDO2 iOS Safari is now supported for continued compliance with FIDO2. Safari applied the standard differently than the other browsers, which caused user experience issues. We updated our approach to account for the unique approach by Safari to provide a common experience to support WebAuthn. With this release, we enable common support across the various browsers.

The conditional password feature allows organizations to easily enable passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA). The release offers complete passwordless support for web applications by making it easier to configure in the policy. IT can determine whether the user will need to provide a password based on the outcome of the policy configuration rule.

Expanded and improved password complexity support when you need to use passwords
Administrators can define password complexity rules with the Identity Platform password policy and deny list. This is an expansion and improvement to the native password complexity support SecureAuth delivers when users set or reset their passwords, including (1) improved password complexity support generally and (2) the addition of flexible deny lists that allow organizations to specify words that cannot be included in passwords.

Additional important updates include:

Mobile Migration Enhancement for improved 2-FA.

The dashboard update now includes new, valuable stats. The mobile enrollment widget is enabled, showing how many users and devices were enrolled with the mobile authentication app. It also helps validate user data after migration.

Windows SSO support for Identity Platform Cloud Deployments: Administrators can now enable simple SSO from across Windows machines and applications using improved Microsoft IWA support. This will be beneficial to customers migrating from hybrid deployments to the cloud.

New Azure Active Directory (AD) Provider delivers enhancements for on-premises or hybrid cloud deployments.

This new release opens up new opportunities for organizations in every industry to control security, identity, and brand experience for their users.

To find out more, request a demo. Check out what is new in more detail via the product documents.

SecureAuth is a leading next-gen access management and authentication company that enables the most secure and flexible authentication experience for employees, partners, and customers. With the only solution that can be deployed in the cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments, SecureAuth manages and protects access to applications, systems, and data at scale, anywhere in the world.

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