A New Chapter Unfolds: SecureAuth Announces Acquisition of Cloudentity

Switch to Passwordless Authentication
Reduce IT and Help Desk Costs

Delight Users with Passwordless Login

Modern factors like biometrics-based FIDO2 WebAuthn (Touch ID or Face ID) are favorites for users for their simplicity, familiarity and login speed

Keep Password Risk Low

Utilize high-assurance factors like TOTP, YubiKey or WebAuthn instead of low-assurance passwords

Lower Cost of Ownership

With zero password reset problems, users will save your help desk time

Like most organizations, we were facing the growing challenge of account takeover activity targeted towards our employees. We had a need to secure employee identity without introducing additional friction to the business user experience. SecureAuth allowed us to add much needed security to our organization, and not only did it prevent unnecessary user friction points but in many cases it reduced them.

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Simplify Password Management.
Get Rid of It.

Passwordless Authentication

Eliminate Password Management

Remove the burden of managing password expiration and password complexity policies

Block Attacks Against IAM System

Eliminate brute-force attacks against your IAM and defend your organization from credential stuffing, stolen credentials, compromised credentials or password spray methods

Block Attacks Against Users

Remove the risk of social engineering attacks like phishing or spear phishing targeted against your high-value users

Go Passwordless in 21 Days

Go Passwordless in 21 Days

Leverage a 4-phased approach to successfully implement passwordless workflows for your organization and users in 21 days

Give Your Users Better Login Options

Offer Better Alternatives to Passwords

Choose from 20+ passwordless login methods offered by SecureAuth to build 100+ login workflows

Passwordless Authentication Remove Passwords to Improve Security
Passwordless Authentication Improve the User Experience

Improve the User Experience

Help users intelligently validate each passwordless login with SecureAuth Authenticate contextual data

State of Authentication Report 2023

Survey results from 285 IT & Security professionals on the latest MFA, passwordless, and device trust trends

2023 State of Authentication Report

Choose Biometrics Over Passwords

Leverage built-in fingerprint readers and webcams in laptops and smartphones to provide true passwordless experience

Passwordless Authentication Reduce the Risk of Compromise
Identity Security Multi-fator Authentication Passwordless Authentication

Going Passwordless Fast and Effectively with MFA

Compromised passwords are by far the most common attack vector used by bad actors. In fact, compromised passwords and credentials are found to be the primary entry point in 81% of reported data breaches. The “password” as we know it is no longer a secure solution to protect data, privacy, and the enterprise. They are a nuisance for users and their continued use by the enterprise increases helpdesk costs.

There is a better way…The time has come to say farewell to the password.

Knock, Knock! Who’s There? Finding out who’s really on the other end of that password

Finding Out Who’s Really on the Other End of that Password

Watch the webinar to learn how to identify the steps to Zero Trust and the evolution to Passwordless – reliable identity is the key to security

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