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SecureAuth Endpoint – MFA for desktop logon

Device security. Redesigned around identity.

Go beyond network security. Your forward-looking Zero Trust model must include continuous authentication of those who access your endpoints.

Endpoint Login

Comprehensive Coverage

Desktop. Laptop. Server.

While the makeup of IT systems varies by industry and company, SecureAuth Endpoint will provide endpoint security for every system – from your workhorse Windows PC notebooks and servers, to your MacBook laptops or iMacs, to your Linux servers.

Adaptive login for all endpoints

SecureAuth Endpoint Client integrates your Windows, Mac and Linux workstations and servers with the leading adaptive authentication Cloud IAM system.

Adaptive Login

Enforce the same risk-based evaluation for cloud app as well as endpoints.

Passwordless login to PCs

Passwordless workstation login with SecureAuth Endpoint injects network-based and identity-based Zero Trust security into your infrastructure.

Passwordless Login

Mitigate persistent threats against endpoints with passwordless auth.

Money matters in passwordless

Adaptive desktop MFA without any workstation passwords is key to reducing password reset costs accrued by your IT help desk.

Money Matters

Provide fallback passwordless methods for complete user self-service.

Works Online & Offline

SecureAuth Endpoint works even when your computer is offline. Simply re-type a code from SecureAuth Authenticate to unlock the workstation.

Works offline online

Simply enter a 6-digit code from your mobile authenticator.

Watch desktop MFA with SecureAuth Endpoint

Best User Experience

MFA choices users love

Not every MFA method works for everyone. SecureAuth Endpoint lets you match each user with the right set of MFA options. While you may want push notifications through SecureAuth Authenticate OTP client for everyone, K-8 students may prefer security questions.


Lightweight MFA options


Total 2FA/MFA options


MFA options that work offline


Response time on localhost

Fully secure enterprise

Endpoint security relies on user authentication

We understand persistent threats. We evaluate them in our SecureAuth Threat Service continuously so you can use the threat intelligence for every user sign in event.

Desktop Laptop Server

Laptops, desktops, servers

Install the SecureAuth Endpoint client on any personal or shared computer.

Operating System

Windows, macOS, Linux

SecureAuth Endpoint runs on all modern versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Endpoint Login for Mac

Why SecureAuth Endpoint Client

Device security where each login is scrutinized

SecureAuth Endpoint adds MFA to Windows/macOS/Linux login. You can even transition to full passwordless Windows 8/10 logon, macOS passwordless workstation login, and also Linux passwordless login for workstations, and network and cloud servers.


Identity layer added

Windows logon validates just the password. SecureAuth Endpoint links adaptive MFA to OS logon and denies access when identity assurance is low.

Behavior Tracking

Active pattern tracking

SecureAuth Endpoint client evaluates user behavior patterns that users previously exhibited when logging in to cloud apps, even on other devices.

Real-time risk checks

Real-time risk checks

When SecureAuth Endpoint assesses the credibility of a login attempt, it checks context data against our real-time SecureAuth Threat Service.


Deploy your way

Admins can install SecureAuth Endpoint via MDM system such as Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE or Ivanti MobileIron.

Online or offline. Works every time.

SecureAuth Endpoint Client works with multiple MFA methods, addressing both online and offline use cases.

Excellent for common use cases

  • Login Notification via Push Notification
  • One-time Passcode via Push Notification
  • YubiKey HOTP Device Passcode
  • Passcode sent via SMS / Text Message

Excellent for special use cases

  • Timed Passcode
  • Voice Call
  • Passcode sent via Email
  • Passcode from Help Desk


How to set up desktop MFA and passwordless login for Windows

Read Documentation

How to set up desktop MFA and passwordless login for macOS

Read Documentation


How to set up desktop MFA and passwordless login for Linux

Read Documentation

Download SecureAuth Endpoint

Windows 32-bit

Windows 8 (32-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit)


Windows 64-bit

Windows 8 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2016
Windows Serer 2019



macOS 10.15 Catalina
macOS 11.x Big Sur



Debian Linux
Ubuntu Linux


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