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Organizations embarking on digital transformation initiatives through business and consumer portals, need to provide the best possible user experience while protecting assets from unauthorized access. This is a delicate balancing act. Portals are attractive to cyber criminals due to the volume of users, many of which are not security-aware.

To digital transform successfully, the login experience must be painless for users. However, low-friction experience cannot be at the expense of security. SecureAuth is uniquely positioned to offer both frictionless user access and the strongest security available.

Industry best identity security

Industry best identity security

In addition to offering 25+ multi-factor authentication options, SecureAuth boasts the most risk checks available. Confidently grant or deny access by evaluating multiple contextual factors around an identity – device, location, IP address, behavior, and more.

Frictionless user experience

Because SecureAuth IdP evaluates a large number of risk factors behind the scenes, 90% of the time users are not required to take an additional step, keeping friction to a minimum. Users simply enter their username and password and based on predefined risk profiles, only certain risks prompt action — deny, step-up, or allow.

Frictionless user experience

Enhanced experience

Enhanced experience

With a large group of users accessing your portal, having enough help desk resources on hand can be cost prohibitive. SecureAuth IdP offers self-service tools for password resets, account lock-outs, device enrollments, and profile updates. Reduce overhead and ease user experience.

Secure digital transformation

protect beyond MFA

Protect beyond multi-factor authentication

Attackers are increasingly bypassing MFA methods leaving many portals at risk. SecureAuth adaptive authentication solutions helps you prevent unauthorized access while improving user experience.

user adoption

Drive better user adoption

Low friction adaptive authentication provides the security needed without hassle for users. Self-service password resets, device enrollments, and account lock-outs removes roadblocks, driving better adoption of your digital transformation initiatives.

save help desk costs

Save significantly on help desk costs

Self-service solutions provide the support users need, when they need it, at a fraction of the cost.

solution brief

Solution brief

Explore SecureAuth’s unique approach to protecting portals and simplifying user access.

white paper

White paper

Learn more about adaptive authentication and how it increases user security without increasing user interruptions.


On-demand webinar

Watch as our security experts outline a better way to improve portal breach protection and provide a smooth and frictionless user experience. (Demo included)

Portal Protection: Raising security without raising disruptions