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Enhance 2FA with risk-based authentication

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions are a vital and foundational part of any identity security initiative. However, cyber attackers are increasingly bypassing 2FA methods, leaving organizations to find other ways to stay one step ahead in preventing unauthorized access.

Adaptive or risk-based authentication provides organizations with multiple additional layers of security that better evaluate users attempting access. Adaptive authentication can even provide a better user experience by not requiring users to take additional steps unless there is a risk present.

Supplementing two-factor authentication

more MFA options

Employ more MFA options

With over 25 different methods, SecureAuth multi-factor authentication (MFA) can accommodate nearly any use case and give you peace of mind.

supplement 2FA

Supplement 2FA security

By evaluating device, location, IP address, and behavior, you can discover attackers that use legitimate credentials or attempt to bypass authentication.

remove MFA disruptions

Remove MFA disruptions

Because of the trust established through multiple risk checks, 90% of the time SecureAuth IdP users do not need to take additional steps unless there is a risk present.

solution brief

Solution brief

Learn how-to step-up authentication security and thwart attackers bypassing 2FA.

white paper

White paper

Explore the balance between strong security and low-friction user experience with adaptive authentication.


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The Death of 2FA and the Birth of Modern Authentication