Symbol-to-Accept: The Newest Innovation in Mobile-Based Authentication

User-friendly Symbol-to-Accept provides the same great user experience as Push-to-Accept while closing critical ...
Damon Tepe

Five Steps to Take to Achieve GDPR Compliance

Data breaches have become more and more common. The Equifax data breach that was made public in September 2017 ...

Staying Secure at 30,000 Feet – Part Two

  In the first part of this blog, we reviewed how vulnerable you can be while traveling and on a public ...
Mike Talon

SAML Vulnerabilities: Canonicalization and DOM traversal

On February 27th, 2018 Duo Security posted a blog about a vulnerability they found in a number of SAML libraries ...
Jeff Hickman

Identity 101: Thinking Beyond the Borders of the “Office”

Thinking Beyond the Borders of the "Office" Organizations exploring potential Identity Access and Management ...
Mike Talon

Identity 101: What Are Geo-Location and Geo-Velocity?

What Are Geo-Location and Geo-Velocity in Identity Authentication? Geo-location and geo-velocity are just two of ...
Mike Talon

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