Data Intelligence Drives Better Security and Identity Protection

Machine Learning Risk Engine

Use machine learning powered technology to assess user login risk and user profile risk from built-in and external signaling services

Extensible 3rd Party Signaling

Connect to your existing threat intelligence solutions such as PAM, SIEM, IGA, and UEBA to enhance risk analysis and improve your security posture with even stronger risk scoring

Contextual and Behavioral Signals

Continuously feeds dozens of contextual and behavioral signals such as user location, user device, login velocity, browsers, cell phone network or ISP into the user profile engine to maintain an accurate user behavior profile

The end users love the new system. When they’re on premise, they don’t even have to be prompted for their credentials, however if they take that same device off network, they’re automatically prompted for credentials. It’s really a nice solution and a lot of time people don’t even realize they are using adaptive authentication

Server Engineering

Houston Methodist Hospital

Keep Users Safe

Stop Malicious Actors

Detect and respond to user behavior anomalies in real-time to strengthen your security posture and effectively eliminate phishing attacks or account takeover attempts

Intelligent Identity Cloud Big Data Approach to Identity Intelligence
Intelligent Identity Cloud Go Beyond Basic Risk Checks

Protect Users at Every Point of Contact

Enable risk scoring beyond user login attempts to stop bad actors from accessing your environment by compromising user activities such as password reset, device or MFA enrollment

State of Authentication Report 2023

Survey results from 285 IT & Security professionals on the latest MFA, passwordless, and device trust trends

2023 State of Authentication Report

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