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Solution Brief

SecureAuth & SailPoint

Adaptive Access & Identity Governance for Stronger Security

The Challenge

Despite the investments made each year on security, breaches persist. Organizations and their IT security teams must be confident in who is accessing networks and applications — ensuring users are who they say they are — without burdening legitimate users.

At the same time, IT organizations are challenged by constant flagging of suspicious activity and threats. These alerts are not always actionable and result in SoC staff spending a disproportionate amount of time on investigation and remediation. This can allow suspicious activity to continue, while determining if the threat is real or a false negative.

The Solution

SecureAuth has partnered with SailPoint to combine the intelligence of identity security with adaptive authentication into a powerful solution to increase identity confidence.

SecureAuth has integrated SailPoint’s IdentityIQ, an AI-driven identity security risk score service, into its market-leading access control solution. Leveraging context from SailPoint as an added layer of protection along with adaptive risk checks including behavioral biometrics, device recognition, and threat service, gives any SecureAuth-protected organization an unparalleled user identity protection.

SailPoint calculates and assigns a dynamic identity risk score based upon user roles, entitlements, policy violations, and certification status.

SecureAuth consumes and analyzes the identity risk score during authentication to determine whether to allow the user to continue to use the application they are trying to access, step-up with multi- factor authentication, or deny the user altogether. Admins can apply unique authentication requirements based on the application the user is attempting to access to deliver the best experience.

Solution Highlights

  • Leverages risk scores based on user entitlements to allow, step-up or deny access
  • Minimizes risk of unauthorized user access to cloud, mobile or on-premises applications
  • Allows frictionless user experience with adaptive checks transparent to the user
  • Improves controls to satisfy audit and compliance requirements
  • Gathers real-time data and acts on it with intelligence
  • Enables enforcement of stricter authentication policies for users that have access to sensitive systems

Security Benefits of SecureAuth + SailPoint

Identity Correlation

During authentication, SecureAuth queries SailPoint for a user’s risk score to correlate risk around corporate entitlements

Seamless Integration

Rigorous interoperability testing has been conducted to validate the joint solution

Adaptive Access Control

SecureAuth will only step-up or deny users if the risk threshold is exceeded

Immediate Insight

SecureAuth will act immediately on any suspicious activity to help detect compromised credentials

SecureAuth Netskope Flowchart
  1. User attempts to access SaaS app or SecureAuth SSO Portal
  2. SecureAuth Risk Service generates a risk score based on user/device behavior (geo velocity, trusted device recognition, dynamic IP blocking,…)
  3. SailPoint IdentityIQ service generates a risk score based on the role of the user within the organization
  4. SecureAuth blends the user/device behavior and user role scores and uses the result to determine the correct authentication flow

Seamless Integration across SaaS & on-prem apps

The SecureAuth Identity Platform interfaces with thousands of SAML or OIDC-based applications and a variety of data stores. Whether you are running SaaS applications or on premises legacy applications, we easily integrate with your existing environment enabling continuous business operations securely.

For organization running Microsoft Active Directory on prem or a cloud directory such as Azure AD (or using our own PII-focused cloud directory), the SecureAuth Identity Platform is flexible and will fully support your requirements.


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