Top 4 Tips to Avoid a Healthcare Breach

Tips to avoid a healthcare breach and protect your medical IT
Jim Wangler


Every day, somewhere, a cybercrime gang is targeting the healthcare industry. That’s not an exaggeration; healthcare has become the most attacked industry in the world. Big hospital networks, small private practices and insurance companies have one thing in common: they all store the patient and medical data that attackers find so valuable.

Want to Improve ADFS Authentication? Just Add SecureAuth

Adaptive Multi-factor authentication protection layers
James Romer


Many organizations have already deployed and invested in an Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) installation, providing basic authentication and access into cloud applications.

ADFS now supports limited MFA support via voice OTP, SMS OTP and Push to Accept technologies. This approach does provide a minimal approach to authentication, is it enough? The challenge is really bringing ADFS authentication up to world class levels, improving the ADFS authentication story, yet not having to replace ADFS.

Think Before You Accept – Attackers Exploit Popular ‘Push-to-Accept’ 2FA Method

Push to accept authentication vulnerability resolved by SecureAuth symbol to accept
Marc Miller, Sales Engineer


The general feeling by security analysts and specialists around user authentication is that two factor authentication alone is not enough to protect against the misuse of stolen credentials.  This is in part because many forms of second factor authentication can be exploited.

One such example is “Push-to-Accept”. This method utilizes something the user has (typically a mobile device) and something the user knows (username and password) for authenticating the user, but often can be easily exploited.

The Human Vulnerability Factor

Oscar history and user identity security have human error in common!
Damon Tepe


What does the biggest mistake in Oscar history have to do with security?.... The Human Vulnerability Factor

Unique Authentication and Convenience Challenges of the Retail Industry

Retail Industry Identity Authentication and Access Security
Brian Bowden


Working with identity and authentication in retail has some striking differences from that of other industries.  In addition to being subject to compliance requirements like PCI, retail has unique challenges as a result of managing hundreds to thousands of locations across the globe.  Some examples include:

Don’t believe us, believe the industry…

ePhi EPCS Healthcare Authentication
Diego Mejia


Much talk has been made about the evolution of technology in healthcare. Many called for the transformation in 2009 & 2010, but as Todd Sullivan cites in his article, Healthcare is having an Ernest Hemingway moment, the transformation was not instant.

“Gradually… and then suddenly.”  

Office 365 with Strong Authentication

Adaptive and single sign-on authentication for Office 365
Jeff Hickman


In recent years, Office 365 has become one of the leading cloud-based business applications. In fact, recent numbers show there are over 60 million commercial users of Office 365 and Microsoft are adding roughly 50,000 small businesses to the offering each month[1]. With this high adoption, it is no wonder why it has become one of the most requested applications for Single Sign-On (SSO), edging out the predominate SaaS offering, Salesforce.

SecureAuth IdP for AWS

SecureAuth IDP: Secure Access Control for Amazon Web Services


  SecureAuth IDP: Secure Access Control for AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The State of Cybersecurity Survey

Cybersecurity and Adaptive Authentication
Damon Tepe

The State of Cybersecurity Survey

Ever notice something about surveys? While there are plenty out there about the threats rising on the IT landscape, there isn't always useful information about the controls and techniques leaders are using to stop them. And that's what we really want to know, right? Finding out where other organizations are struggling and where they're succeeding, and how they're approaching attacks, can provide a roadmap to strengthening your own security program.